The Budget 

As we enter the 5th week of the Virginia General Assembly, we are making tremendous progress on advancing a budget that will help keep Virginians safer, healthier and positioned to recover strongly from the COVID-19 pandemic. For Prince William and Stafford County, that means pushing for pay raises for our teachers, paid sick leave for essential employees, increased funding for COVID testing and vaccinations, support for small businesses and tuition-free community college for qualifying students. Virginia House of Delegates Budget Highlights include:

  • $190.7 million in funding for Virginia Department of Health for vaccination, testing and PPE
  • 5% Teacher pay raise
  • $120 million to fund COVID-19 mitigation in K-12 schools
  • $20 million for Rebuild VA, a fund to support small businesses
  • Funding eviction prevention program 

You can learn more about the budget here. 

What’s next? The House of Delegates and Senate will negotiate to finalize the budget. I will be using my voice to advocate for school funding, paid sick leave and pay raises for our teachers. 



2nd District High School Day of Learning 

I will be hosting a virtual day of learning – open to all high school aged kids. This will be an opportunity for those interested, or even a bit curious, about Virginia’s legislative process to get a more insightful look into the process. Join me and fellow members as we discuss life as a Virginian politician, how we aim to serve our constituents, and what goes into the lawmaking process, and more! To register, visit


Governor’s Summit on Equitable Collaboration

February 17th and 25th, 2021;  8:45 AM to 12:30 PM

Don’t miss this virtual event hosted by the UVA Institute for Engagement and Negotiation alongside Governor Ralph Northam and his team. This virtual event is for anyone who might be interested in community engagement, collaboration, and equity – whether in health, education, natural resources, or community development. During this summit you’ll be able to learn about Equitable Collaboration as well as discuss the needs in Virginia policy to advance Equitable Collaboration. 

I encourage all of those interested to register as soon as possible - 



SAVE THE DATE -– February 28, 2021 –

Black History Month (Virtual) Family Dinner. Follow me on Facebook for more information. 



I had the privilege of introducing the Ladies of Distinction of Graham Park Middle School to the Virginia House of Delegates this week. This dynamic group of young women were delightful. I look forward to welcoming them to Richmond in person when it is safe.

Jasper Hendricks


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