Candi King Wins Democratic Nomination in HD-02


Dec. 13, 2020
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WOODBRIDGE, Va. — Community leader, education advocate, and former small business owner Candi King tonight issued the following statement after winning the Democratic nomination to fill the vacancy left by Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy in HD-02:

“I am grateful for and humbled by the confidence placed in me by Democrats in the Second House District, and I will work every day until the Jan. 5 special election to earn the confidence of the community at large. Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy leaves big shoes to fill, but between my real-world and General Assembly experience, I am ready to hit the ground running on Day One to be an effective advocate as we forge a path of recovery from this pandemic.

Our schools, small businesses, and working families are struggling. Our children deserve to be safe AND educated, and no family should ever have to make a choice between the two. Our family has balanced work and virtual learning with three children, including one with special needs. As we work to safely re-open schools, teachers deserve more than just thanks and praise. They are experts who need to be a part of the solution with a meaningful seat at the table. That means collective bargaining rights.

Our working families deserve to have good jobs right here in District 2, and workers that have to commute deserve convenient and affordable transportation options This pandemic has also showcased the need to explore common-sense policies like paid sick leave that make sense for workers and for their employers. This area has been hit hard by the pandemic, but I believe we can emerge better than before, with no one left behind.

I don’t have any illusions that this will be easy, or that there won’t be obstacles in my way. But I’ve never been afraid of hard work, and I pledge to fight for the people of this district every day. I live here, my children go to school here, and my husband commutes to Fairfax to protect and serve as a Deputy Sheriff. I know this is a community worth fighting for.

I want to thank my fellow Democrats — Pamela Montgomery, Keisha Francis, Rozia Henson, and Nyesha Wilson — for answering the call of service at such a dark moment in our history. It was clear from last night’s candidate forum that we all hold the same values, and I hope to collaborate with all of you as we work to build a stronger and more inclusive Virginia.”

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